Thursday, December 6, 2012

Collage: Lost-in-the-Woods Survival Sandwich

For our last project in Media we had to do a collage of a recipe. This was very open ended.  A lot of people ended up doing recipes for non food related things (like recipe for a road trip, or recipe for a villain) but there were a couple that actually followed a recipe. I found a happy medium between the two. I really wanted to do a food item, but I also wanted to do something that was strange and not entirely believable. So I came up with the idea to do a magazine-type article of for something you might make yourself if you were lost in the woods. I was inspired by the book Sam's Sandwich by David Pelham, which I read quite often as a kid. Originally, I wanted it to be a bunch of nasty things, but some of it ended up looking somewhat appetizing. Or maybe that's just me. Anyways, I'm really happy with the way this came out. 

Done in acrylic, watercolor, pen and ink, tissue paper, as well as various non-copyright imagery. 

detail shots:

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

By the Slice: Illustrated Zine

So over the summer I became interested in making my own zines. Mostly just because it's a good short term goal and you can pretty much get away with anything. The options are endless. The first one I did is a compilation of stories and poems and some collage type work. But I really wanted to make a zine that focused more on my art. So between late summer and last month, my friend Kaleb and I collaborated to make By the Slice - a thirteen page zine (plus cover) featuring 10 illustrated poems.  Kaleb wrote the words and I did the art.  It was really fun to do something outside of school and to work with someone else. It was a wonderful experience that I'm sure I will do again with many others.

You can purchase the zine at my etsy store in either original or large format.


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