Sunday, March 31, 2013

Character Spreads: Nü & Syp

Our latest assignment in Computer Ill was to create an original character (or multiple characters) and create spreads that help make that character come to live. We were only required to do one spread but he encouraged us to do as much as we could within the allotted time.  For every spread we had to scan in our traditional sketches and than choose one sketch (for each character) to digitally paint.  This is a two parter and the second part of the project is to paint an 11x17 environment with the characters included.  

Rough Backstory:

The father makes documentaries for a living, but got laid off.  Through the grapevine he hears about a remote island with strange creatures that no one has ever filmed before, but is considered too dangerous to venture.  He plans to go to the island and film as many rare animals as he can in attempts to regain his credibility and his job, despite the warnings.  He doesn't tell anyone of his plan.  He tells his pregnant wife and teenage son, who are not yet aware that he is unemployed, that he is going on a long trip for work and that he will be living on site for a couple of months.  He convinces them to come along with him as a "family vacation".  

The family arrives by boat and the wife and son are apprehensive when they realize how remote and uncharted the land is, especially when they realize that there are natives on the land who they know nothing about and seem to be hostile. They build shelter and live off of their supplies and off the land while the father does his work.  Quickly, the father begins to emotionally and mentally unravel and becomes so immersed in his work that he often does not return to the families' shelter for days. On one of these episodes he does not return at all.  The son goes looking for him and later finds his remains and concludes that he has been killed by a large unknown predatory animal. 

The son and mother panic and try to leave but the natives have sunk their boat.  The two of them live off of the rest of their supplies and then off of the land for as long as they can.  They wait for help, but don't know that the father hasn't told anyone where they were going.  Eventually, the mother gives birth to the twins (Nu and Syp) and dies shortly afterward from complications.

The 15 year old son has to care for and raise the twins himself.  He finds a local plant with a milk-like quality that, to his shock, sustains the twins like a mother's milk would. He raises the twins while trying survive and evade natives and dangerous animals. 

As a result, twins grow up very animalistic and skilled at living off of the land. 

Details of Nü painting:

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