Tuesday, April 23, 2013


Our final assignment for Illustration was to do a 1 to 2 page comic about anything we wanted as long as it included the phrase "And then I saw it". For some reason I had a really strong urge to illustrate opossums, probably related to the fact that I handle them at the Wildlife Center that I volunteer at. This this what came out of it.

Click here for an enlarged version of Page 1.

Click here for an enlarged version of Page 2.

I did all of the line work and most of the ink washes traditionally and then adjusted the levels in photoshop to get the values right.  This was a ton of fun and I truly had a great time doing it. Great assignment to end on!

Process work and Sketch Detail:

Mama Possum.

Dead Henry AKA Used-To-Be-Alive Henry. My favorite.

Possum Pete, not to be confused with Possum Jack, pictured below.

Concept sketch for Possum Jack. 

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