Friday, April 26, 2013

Computer Illustration: Modern Shakespeare

Figured I'd post this before I fix it. Final illustration for Comp Ill. We had to choose one of Shakespeare's characters from a list and then modernize it. I chose King Lear. The gist is that King Lear is figuratively blind to the things around him. He doesnt see that his daughter, Cordelia, loves him more than anyone else, so he banishes her, while his two other daughters take everything from him and end up locking him out of his castle at one point. But through it all, Cordelia remains loyal to her father.  To modernize it, I decided to focus on the theme of blindess and abandonment. So I made Lear a blind homeless man being sheltered from the rain by his daughter.  Very simple and straight forward. I had a lot of fun with the colors. The linework itself could have been a lot stronger, and I've found that if I'm not doing linework traditionally or on the cintiq that I struggle with it a lot. Tablets are fine for coloring/painting but linework can be a pain in the ass. 

Anyways, we had crit and then we have a chance to resubmit our fixed pieces by Monday, so thats what I'm planning on doing. 

Things I'm planning on changing:
- Cordelia's face needs to have some sort of expression, probably sympathetic. Right now she's very mannequin-esque. 
- Might put a tad of warmer light on Cordelia. 
- Make the umbrella spokes more graphic, like the umbrella, probably using the pen tool.
- try a different approach with the rain, more streaky and less dot-like. 

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